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Wenzhou ACMISAWA Import & Export CO.,LTD.
Russian Injection Needle Productionline

Project starting time: June 2017

Projection Completing time: March 2018

Project Specification: Starting from Cutting Equipment to finished product

The project started in June 2017. Client looked for us since 2016; due to market price comparison, technical issues, we finalized the project in the middle if June 2017.

The Production Line Including As Following

Automatic Tube Cutting Equipment;Automatic DE-burring Equipment;Auto Polishing Equipment;Auto Vibration Selection Equipment;High Pressure Cleaning Equipment;Ultra-sonic Cleaning Equipment;Automatic needle sticking machine;Needle machine;Automatic Grinding Equipment;Automatic sand blasting machine;Automatic Centrifuge Equipment;Automatic Electrolysis Equipment;Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment;The needle tube dryer;Assembly stick needle machine;Injection needle packing machine;Ethylene oxide sterilization machine;Plastic injection Machine;Hot Run Protector Mold;Hot Run Hub Mold

Part Of The Installation Picture