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Medical Devices Emerging Markets of Russia


Russia is an important foreign trade partner of our country. Although the growth of the world economy slowed down in 2012 and the economic growth of Russia slowed down, the total volume of bilateral trade between China and Russia topped 1 billion U.S. dollars for the first time. Of this total, China's exports of medical equipment to Russia reached as high as 538 million U.S. dollars, up 39.8% Medical products, health care products and medical supplies are the main varieties. In 2013, China exported 535 million U.S. dollars of medical equipment to Russia. From January to November 2013, there were 12 varieties of medical devices (mainly small and medium-sized equipment and consumables) in China that exported over 10 million U.S. dollars to Russia .

It is worth mentioning that at the 23rd session of Zdravookhraneniye 2013 and the 7th Health Lifestyle 2013 in Moscow, the capital of Russia, at the end of 2013, China was participating in the exhibition except for Russia One of the countries with more companies (about 200).

Russia Medical Equipment Exhibition by the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation Ministry of Health, Russia Expocentre ZAO exhibition company jointly organized, Russia and Eastern Europe - Central Asia, the highest level, the largest and most influential professional medical exhibition. In addition to the Russian domestic enterprises, this exhibition attracted more than 1,100 exhibitors from 42 countries. Belgium, Britain, Germany, China, South Korea, Norway, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Sweden attended the fair. Of the nearly 40,000 spectators, 95% are industry professionals.
At present, the medical equipment industry in our country is faced with the grim situation of passive sales mode, weak export growth, fierce price competition and increasingly thin profits. Therefore, the enterprises are more active than ever before in seeking the target market with both market size and profit margin. Development of secondary markets in the target market agents, deepening, sink sales channels. In this exhibition, enterprises from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are very enthusiastic about exhibiting. According to a business representative, although the number of customers in the medical device exhibition in Russia is not as good as expected, the audience is highly specialized, visiting customers have strong pertinence and the purchase intention is clear.

Many companies face obstacles and problems on the road to developing the Russian market. For example, many companies report that registration of medical device products in Russia lasted a long time, which is difficult and costly. A Chinese company registered 0.36 Tesla (T) MRI equipment in Russia spent 50,000 US dollars, of course, the export unit price of 300,000 US dollars is still worth it.

With Russia's economic development, the continuous improvement of various rules and regulations, the registration of medical device products will further increase the difficulty. Although the threshold is high and the law is not perfect, the harder it is to enter, the greater the market to be developed. The low threshold of the country are often highly homogeneous competition, profit margins have been lost. According to reports, by 2015, the price of local products in Russia's medical device market will be 15% higher than that of imported products. By 2020, the country will all purchase local products. Therefore, some multinational corporations have been involved in the production of medical devices in Russia two years ago, which aims to lay the foundation for the subsequent increase in market share.

Language communication is crucial for international trade. Many domestic enterprises have profoundly realized the barrier caused by the language barrier to medical device transactions. Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation. The penetration of English and other languages ​​in the country is very low. Most Russians can not communicate in English. Most Chinese workers only speak English, which makes both parties communicate in the language There are great difficulties, which greatly affected the establishment of bilateral trade cooperation. Therefore, we should prepare Russian posters and propaganda materials in advance, hire Russian translators, and be able to hire Russian native talents if conditions permit, so as to achieve a better trade exchange effect.

Russia has a good scientific basis and many scientists in the country have innovative ideas, technologies and inventions. However, China's industry is rapidly developing, and new technologies and new materials are urgently needed. At present, the main problem facing Russian enterprises is the lack of financial support. However, many domestic enterprises may not be willing to start joint ventures if only Russian companies invest in technology. Therefore, legal obstacles have become the biggest negative factor affecting the cooperation between the two parties. Not only are Chinese companies concerned about investing in Russian projects and businesses that lack the guarantees of a clear legal system, Russian businesses are equally worried about not getting good intellectual property protection after transferring their technology. However, with Russia's economic development, Russia is taking measures to improve the investment environment and establish and improve the legal system.
In short, the medical equipment market in Russia is very promising and will rapidly develop in the next few years. The vast majority of domestic enterprises must never walk around and wait for their own eyes and actively intervene.

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